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SWANICOCO, a South Korean beauty brand that started its journey in 2005 with a specialization in fermented soaps, has evolved into a natural skincare label renowned for its innovative nano-fermented formulations and use of raw, natural extracts. Drawing inspiration from the grace of a swan and the natural essence of botanical ingredients (hinted by the "coco" in its name), SWANICOCO stands at the forefront of eco-friendly skincare, makeup, and body care products. The brand's commitment to anti-aging fermentation technology, coupled with a meticulous selection of organic herbal ingredients sourced globally, has set new standards in the beauty industry. SWANICOCO's skincare range is a treasure trove of premium ingredients like Astraxan, snail secretions, rice fermentation, and human oligopeptides, which are key to the efficacy of their best-selling product, the SWANICOCO Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream. This eye cream, celebrated for its ability to improve dark circles and signs of aging with its rich peptide formula, reflects the brand's ethos of blending nature and science to deliver remarkable results.