When the sun is blazing and temperatures are high, or even on those sneaky cloudy days, protect your skin with EYURS' collection of affordable Korean sunscreens. These sun sticks, serums, and creams are formulated with cutting-edge sun protection technology to safeguard your skin against damaging UV rays. Explore non-irritating sunscreens.


      Powerful Yet Affordable Korean Sunscreens 

      Regardless of your skin type or what it needs, we've got a sunscreen in our collection that's perfect for you. These lightweight Korean sunscreens won't weigh your skin down, don’t leave a white cast, and are packed with soothing and hydrating extras like aloe vera and green tea. 

      Plus, there’s a formula for every need. Sunsticks offer on-the-go protection, while cream sunscreens are great for dry or sensitive skin. And if you struggle with oily or acne-prone skin, try our fast-absorbing sun serums. The best part is, you can reapply all types as often as needed without feeling greasy or worrying about clogged pores! 

      For extra protection against those pesky sun rays, pair the sunscreen with your favorite vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals caused by the sun. 

      Shop Authentic K-Beauty at EYURS 

      Authenticity is our hallmark at EYURS. We understand that finding genuine Korean skincare products can be hard, especially if you're new to the K-beauty world. That's why we're so committed to providing our customers with a trustworthy shopping experience. 

      When you shop at EYURS, you can be confident you're getting the real deal. We source our lightweight Korean sunscreens directly from reputable manufacturers or trusted resellers to ensure that every product is not only genuine but also meets our stringent quality standards. 

      This commitment to authenticity extends to everything from our affordable Korean sunscreens to all the popular brands. We guarantee effective products that are a true representation of the renowned Korean beauty industry. 

      Shop with confidence and discover the power of Korean skincare with EYURS!