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For all the glow-getters seeking radiant skin, EYURS has just the remedy. Our Korean face serums and essences are routine essentials that work magic on the skin to give you a radiant and healthy complexion. The serums and essences in our collection are formulated to nourish, rejuvenate, and illuminate. Add them to your top shelf and let the glow transformation begin!


      Korean Face Serums for Every Skin Concern 

      Essences and serums, steps five and six in the Korean skincare routine, are essential for achieving the coveted glass skin glow. The Korean face essence is a traditional hydrating elixir that deeply penetrates the skin with nourishing and healing ingredients like rice extract, ginseng, and aloe vera to enhance the complexion and fortify against premature aging. 

      Following the essence, Korean face serums and ampoules deliver elements like soybeans and vitamin C to target skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Serums are thicker and more potent than essences, while ampoules are super-concentrated serums that provide intensive short-term treatment for acute issues. 

      Use after applying your toner and before thicker moisturizers and creams to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. 

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