Cleansing is a sacred ritual in the world of K-beauty, and Korean facial cleansers excel at it! Designed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup while preserving your skin’s integrity, these gentle formulations also boast skin tone and texture-improving ingredients. Give your skin a fresh start for the next steps in your routine with our gentle Korean cleansers.


      Gentle and Effective Korean Facial Cleansers 

      Cleansing is a key step in the highly regarded five or ten-step Korean skincare routine, which is essential for achieving beautiful glass skin. But not just any cleanser will do. You need a gentle yet effective cleanser to lay the foundation for the upcoming steps in your skincare routine. That's where Korean skincare innovation comes in! 

      EYURS offers a wide range of top Korean facial cleansers to suit different skin needs, including gel, foam, and even oil types for double cleansing. These cleansers are also loaded with goodness like green tea, ginseng, and rice water to pamper your skin. 

      Here’s a tip: using a low-pH cleanser creates an ideal, slightly acidic environment that optimizes the performance of active ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and acids. This gives your toner less work to do! 

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