Korean Fashion The Oversized and Floral

When it comes to fashion, Koreans are always among the best dressed people on the street. Since K-pop are on the rising around the globe, more and more people are taking fashion inspiration from them. These day walking down the street in South Korea feels like you are in a reality TV of fashion runway. Your left and right are filled with people showcasing their new fashion finds and trends that are on the rising now.

Right now the Korean fashion world is worshipping anything oversized. This trend is nothing new but it is definitely a trend that keep making it comeback. I wouldn’t blame them, anything oversized just screams chic and comfy to me at the same time.

Oversized Blazer

When you are lazy to change out of your comfy outfit but need to go out to run an errand, your easiest fix to this is to throw an oversized blazer. Blazer once was considered as power suit to the career woman, a perfect fit tailored to the owner size to give them the accomplished look of a successful woman.

As time passes, fashion evolves, so does the blazer. Blazer is purposely tailored to be baggy and oversized now to give way to comfort. In Korean fashion world, more and more people are picking up oversized blazer to complement their looks.


Pair oversized blazer with jeans and you will get the casual chic look for a coffee date or stroll in the park kinda day.


For a day of out and about exploring the city, you can put on your comfy sneaker and paired it with the oversized blazer. Both are comfortable outfits and still very fashionable.


You can put on bright color oversized blazer to an all black ensembled for a pop of color or throw on your oversized blazer over your sweat pants for a quick grocery run.

Floral Dress

If you are on the girly side and oversized blazer is not your cup of tea, fret not because the trend of floral dress is making its comeback for the summer in South Korea. A comfortable floral dress that accentuate your figure on the right spot will make people turns head on you on the street.

The floral dress in Korean fashion world comes in lots of options depending on your preference. For a romantic picnic in the park, you can opted for a midi floral dress with soft pastel color. Add a pop of color to outfit by pairing it with a solid bright color sling back and finish the look with a cute sandal. And voila, you are set for a romantic date.

When the weather get chilly in the evening., just put on a comfy cardigan to complete your feminine look.


Depends on the occasion, floral dress is easy to dress up or dress down. All that you have to do is to play around with accessories such as hat, bags and jewelry. When the summer weather is nice, you can just throw on a floral dress for a walk or even sight seeing. For the ultimate comfort when walking all day long, you can opt for sneaker and still look effortlessly chic with floral dress.


To make a statement with your floral outfits, just pick the bright and the bold floral patterns for your dress but go with a simple accessories such as gold hoop earring and muted color crossbody bag to balance it out.

With floral dress, the possibilities are endless. With the soft pastel midi floral dress, you are a demure princess. Put on a denim jacket and swap the sandal for ankle boots, now you are an edgy chic.

With the fast rising of Korean fashion trends, I’m sure you can find a trend that screams your name. Afterall, why stick to one fashion trend when you can try it all. Fashion is all about experiment and a way of expressing yourself.